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In a Kiss-
0.7gm Protein
0.45gm Fat
0.19gm Chemical
0.50 Variety of Bacteria will die
This is true.
So catch ur LOVER
Start Kissing & Be Healthy
Happy Kiss Day



Kissing you baby is my dream.
I am strawberry & you are the cream.
Handle me gently keep me real keen.
U & i together babes is passion so extreme!  



Benefits of Kissing ;
Burns Calories;
Changes taste;
Lips never go dry;
Makes face muscles strong;
Relieves Stress;
So Keep KISSING my dear..
Happy Kiss Day . Life is nothing without LOVE,
Love is emotion but Kiss is practical,
Don’t get emotional yar just be practical
So STOP loving & START Kissing.
Happy Kiss Day.

If I could bring back memories
I would bring the first day I kissed you
I look you in the eyes and felt love.
Thank god an sweet angel came into my life…!
Wishes your Happy Kiss Day 


If Kissing You Is A Crime,
Then Am Ready To Go To Jail,
I Love You And Kissing
Will Always Be Part Of It. 


Honey I Am Very Sick Today,
Just Because You Didn’t Kiss Me.
Please Dear I Need That Medicine
Before I Die. *** You Are Sweet Than Honey.
Pure Than Milk.
Soft Than Flower.
Since I Have You As My Lover,
Come To Me Near,
I”ll Kiss Your Lips Without Fear.
U”ll Say, Having You Is Treasure & Be With Me For Ever. ..

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