the Facebook-owned messaging app, WhatsApp With 1 billion large family, has become one of the most used application all over the world.
WhatsApp is now soon going to launch some other new features for its users in its latest version to make it more user-friendly. Take a look at some amazing upcoming WhatsApp features below. It is to be noted that these features have not officially launched yet. However, in the coming days, you shall see these new tools rolled out.   

1. WhatsApp Dark Mode: The Dark Mode feature will reduce strain on your eyes when you use the app under low lighting. The feature will also help in reducing the battery consumption. YouTube & Twitter have already rolled out dark mode, while instagram and whatsApp are still working on it.

2. WhatsApp Add Contact feature: Users will soon be able to add new contacts on WhatsApp without having to exit the app. While you save the contact number, the App will automatically detect the country code and whether the contact is on whatsApp or not.

3. WhatsApp QR code: This feature will enable users to share any contact by scanning QR Codes. Both the parties who are sharing and receiving the contact need to have the latest Android version to scan the QR codes.

4. WhatsApp ranking for contacts: Through this new feature, contacts will be ranked by the volume of interactions you have had with the person. The interaction can be of any form- whatsApp audio/video call, whatsApp chat. This feature will be made available for iOS beta users soon.

5. Private Reply: Private reply will allow users to privately chat with a member of a particular WhatsApp group without letting other members in the same group know. It has already been introduced for Android beta users with version 2.18.355.